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We develop your web & mobile apps with proven efficiency and a no‑nonsense policy.
We’re here to save you time and trouble through our well-defined process, a versatile team, and multi-industry experience. We have the answers you’re looking for!
Fast and Reliable Software Solutions for your Business.
We use the Facebook Stack (React, React-Native, GraphQL) with the power of Microsoft's Typescript to their full potential to get fast, stable cross-platform solutions that save you time and money.
Industries we excel at.
Projects we are most proud of.
We are defined by the work that we do, folded on the customer’s needs, doing our best to highlight and bring to life our client’s vision.
Our process!
We create better technology the open source way.
We believe Open-Source Contributions have a deep impact, not only on people, culture, and our society, but in ourselves! We are Official Meteor Partners and you can view our work by clicking here. Our proudest achievements:
A Data Fetching Layer on top of Meteor and MongoDB. It is production ready and battle-tested.
Redis Oplog
A full re-implementation of Meteor's MongoDB oplog tailing. Database operations the Cult of Coders way!
Plug and Play Zero-Config GraphQL Server, Subscription Support, and many other highly requested features.
Meteor Tuts
A useful tool for any programmer that wants to step up his or her game.
We’re trusted by the world’s best!
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