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"A small team of passionate professionals will always outperform a giant team of second-rate developers."

We are honest, careful, and dedicated with a proactive attitude and a lot of soul!
Who we are.
We are a web development company founded in 2015 by Theodor Diaconu and Claudiu Roman. Our company’s focus is to deliver web and mobile applications using the robustness of Facebook Stack with technologies such as Apollo, GraphQL, React Native, and Typescript. As a result, our user‑centric IT solutions are fast, scalable, robust, and run seamlessly in every environment.
We believe in the value of joining an international community, in improving upon the world, and in the process of improving ourselves. This is why we are thrilled to be Open Sorce Contributors and official Meteor partners.
Our mission is to become the go to service provider in Eastern Europe and to create better technology the open source way. Our deepest purpose as an organization is doing so through our employees’ passion and devotion to their work.
When we think of Cult of Coders and the path we’ve built, we owe our success to our employees which have grown alongside us and have become the outstanding professionals we know and love today. We are proud of the passion and commitment they show and they are what truly makes us ROCK SOLID SOUL TOUCHING.
  • Passion
    We love what we do and love doing it!
  • Responsability
    We own up to the quality of our product and we strive to deliver.
  • Adaptability
    We adapt to changes in technology and evolve.
  • Honesty
    We say what we mean and we get stuff done!
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We are defined by the work that we do, folded on the customer’s needs, doing our best to highlight and bring to life our client’s vision.