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Are you extremely passionate about what you do?
Get your body moving

Being given the fact that we are developers too, we acknowledge that sitting and working on a computer takes a toll on your muscles and general health. In order to address this issue, each and every team member benefits of access to more that 400 facilities all over the country where countless activities like dancing classes, fitness, spa, climbing etc. are available

Health is wealth

As you probably have guessed by now, our employees health and well being is our top priority, that is why they also benefit of a top notch private health insurance which covers over 640 private medical facilities all over the country, most of the procedures being free and the others discounted

Flexible hours

We know that not everybody is a morning person and we deeply respect that. That being said, working with us means setting your own working hours in order to match your current lifestyle. As long as the minimum of 16 hours / week is met

Work from anywhere you want

Imagine your favorite place in the world. How is it? Cozy? Peaceful?”. What would you say if you were able to work from there? Because you are! All that we require is that you do your job and properly communicate with the rest of the team.

Workplace monotony is a thing of the past

Engaging: No matter what your knowledge level is, every project will require you to learn and evolve even further due to their diversity: Healthcare, Arts, Financing, Online Games, etc.

Fulfilling: Being surrounded by a team of like-minded people, every project will be a fun challenge to tackle; either as a team or as an individual.

Innovative: We are constantly improving and adapting by working with the newest technologies available


Everybody loves snacking…. And in our offices, this little guilty pleasure is always indulged, but in a healthy way. A variety of fresh fruits, peanuts, coffee and tea are available to you at any time.

Monthly and annual team building

We regard ourselves as a family, and a family always tightens it’s bonds, shares and gets to know each other better. In order to achieve that, once a month, we all go out to dine, play games and enjoy each other’s company outside the office, and once a year we have a full weekend getaway.


First day being part of our family? Don’t worry, you will feel as home as everybody else. Our mentorship program will have someone ready to get you on board and to introduce you to the others and your workflow. Your mentor will always be there to help you and watch you bloom while you become a full-fledged family member.

Personal Development

Our no.1 workplace value is applied emotional intelligence. We consider that character comes first and skills can be developed. We are all passionate about personal development and psychology, so we invest a lot in it.

Your work is valued.

Speaking of values… Equity and fairness define us. So your skill level will always match your financial rewards. Each employee will have a set of KPI’s for the upcoming months and as long as you evolve, the rewards will grow with you.

Health is wealth
Your work is valued.
Be part of our team and enjoy the life as much as we do by participating to all the events we organize. It’s always nice to spend good time with good people.