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Collecteurs The ultimate social network for artwork collectors.

Design, Development
The web application that is going to change the way we see art!
  • Collecteurs is the world’s first digital museum of private collections: The Collective Museum of Private Collections. Collecteurs harnesses the power of technology to empower art collectors from across the globe.

  • Objectives

    Transition the website from Blaze to Facebook’s React and give it a slick, new, feature rich design.

  • In our ongoing collaboration with Collecteurs we’ve transitioned the website to React giving it a nice and snappy feel, substantially increasing site speed and we’ve implemented a top of the line user interface.

    As for the design, we gave it a more unusual monochromatic aesthetic with a half fixed, half scrollable layout, a generous featured article area and a lot of visible metrics, with heavy social media interaction.

    Being a crowdfunded project, Collecteurs has seen a large amount of media coverage, from The New York Times to more niche publications like Artuner. We @CultofCoders support their cause and believe in bringing unseen works out of the dark, and back into the culture, and hope we’ve played our part in making this happen!

We have been using CoC’ services for 3 years. They have quite successfully became an extension of our operation. Their team not only code but also provide ongoing guidance and advice to improve our product. The technical challenges we faced have always been met with their positive attitude and technical ability to provide unique solutions. Our product has many unique features like Off-the-record encryption and these features are integrated because of the guidance and know-how of CoC team.
Evrim Oralkan
Leverage Organize and automate the due diligence stage.

Hard due diligence lists are a thing of the past!