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Collecteurs The ultimate social network for artwork collectors.

Design, Development
The web application that is going to change the way we see art!
April 2018
  • In a current reality where millions of artworks are stored away in vast freeports and storage facilities, as well as all those countless collections hanging inside private homes, Collecteurs believes that collecting is not a mere act of amassing. Art is neglected, forgotten about, and left without an audience, which perverts the very essence of what art is supposed to do. Collecteurs was born to finally turn things around.

  • Collecteurs is a revolutionary collection sharing platform that offers comprehensive solutions for collections of all sizes while connecting them with an international community. They firmly believe that collectors have a social responsibility to keep their art accessible to other collectors and to the public. Art is meant to be seen, experienced, and discussed.  

  • They help collectors digitize their collections while providing unrivaled privacy solutions to present and manage the public face of their collection. With Collecteurs, managing your collection is now simple, fun, effortless, and free.

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May 2018
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A decentralised blockchain social media platform.