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Geld fur Flug Do you wish to cancel a flight?

Cancel your flight and receive money immediately.
  • Cancel a flight without a fuss: Save time and money with Geld-fü

    Geld-fü makes cancelling your flights easy. No matter if you wish to cancel with Ryanair or wish to cancel with another airline such as British Airways: with us, receiving your money for your flight is straightforward and time-efficient.

  • How does the cancellation work?

    • You fill out all the necessary data related to the flight in the provided form. Once we receive the required information, we will be able to evaluate the data.

    • After a short delay, you will receive a non-binding offer for your flight. You will know in a timely fashion whether or not we are interested in buying your ticket, and how much money you would receive for said flight.

    • If you are convinced by our offer and decide to sell your ticket to us, you will receive the agreed amount per bank wire transfer within 24 hours. Quick, safe, and simple – you receive your money.

  • Your benefits with Geld-fü

    • Quick, non-binding contract: You will know how much we will offer you for your flight shortly after you have provided us with the necessary flight information. You will receive a fair offer, and do not need to accept it if you do not wish to.

    • Receive your money without a fuss: If you choose to cancel your flight with us, you will receive your money within 24 hours. We use a direct bank wire transfer to your given bank account to make this possible.

    • Save yourself any legal expenses: With Geld-fü you do not need to make use of a lawyer to get your money back. You simply receive an offer, which, once you accept, settles the matter for you without much bureaucracy.

    • No lengthy negotiations: Instead of having to lead lengthy negotiations with the airlines yourself, you can cancel your flight quickly and save yourself time as well as your nerves.

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