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Leverage Organize and automate the due diligence stage.

Due diligence tracking is an essential step towards closing, but it can be time consuming and an organizational challenge.
  • Leverage.Capital allows clients to provide a competitive advantage when dealing with the issues and complexities associated with completing assignments.

  • Due diligence tracking is an essential step towards closing, but it can be time consuming and an organizational challenge. Leverage.Capital replaces and improves upon traditional due diligence tracking methods (e.g. spreadsheets), while automating a number of processes and providing several benefits for everyone involved without significantly adjusting existing workflow.

  • – Leverage.Capital increases the certainty of execution, saves time and improves communication. Being given the fact that this is a software, it reduces human error, provides vendor analytics and a searchable database, and also provides everyone involved with the best opportunity to close as efficiently as possible.

As someone without a lot of technical knowledge, hiring a development team requires a great deal of trust. It's like hiring a mechanic when you don't know much about cars, except on a much larger scale. If you don’t have a lot of experience hiring a development team, the biggest fear can be not knowing what you don't know. These guys are trustworthy and have a robust team with experience that proved invaluable in handling nuances that could have otherwise been easily overlooked. Years ago, on a previous project with a completely different development agency, I lived through the frustration of hiring a group that under delivered not just on technical execution, but also had communication shortcomings. With that in mind, I was thorough in my search for the team to implement my latest project. Before deciding to work with Cult of Coders, I did an exhaustive search that involved speaking with a dozen highly targeted qualified options. I ultimately chose to work with Cult of Coders because even during our earliest conversations they made an effort to understand my project in a way that allowed them to provide intelligent guidance before we even officially started working together. From the beginning, it felt in some ways like they understood my project better than I even did. I'm happy to say that the experience I've had working with Cult of Coders exceeded my expectations and most importantly produced the final results I needed to see. I would suggest that anyone with a project that might fit the strengths of the Cult of Coders group send them an email to see if it could be a good fit.
John DeLeon
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Credit transactions fees back.