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Novomed Specialized Healthcare Centers in the UAE

A medical group known for the best quality and honest advice.
  • Novomed is headquartered in Dubai, with branches across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, including clinics, hospitals, and homecare services. It aims to offer the UAE the latest generation of technology and best service, but above all, doctors who give honest advice.

  • Objectives
    Our objective was to build a feature-rich and complex website that taps into the existing legacy system. The website needed to be client focused and inspire trust. It needed to be easily accessible for the client base and the staff using it.

  • Our Solution

    By using the flexibility of Apollo IS, GraphQL and React, with the power of Microsoft’s Typescript, we created a scalable environment that adapts easily to staff needs and makes automation an integral part of the business.

    Our main focus was on the client journey, primarily engaging in innovative aspects  such as dynamic PDF medical report generation and teleconference tooling for online appointments.

     Design-wise, we focused on a monochromatic aesthetic with clean, easy to use UI, and a client focused photography selection.

    Overall, Novomed came together as a well rounded project dedicated to client satisfaction and ease of use. We are proud of our ongoing collaboration, where we maintain the website up to date, while also focusing on expanding their business even further with new modern features.

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