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TWINNER ensures confidence and trust in the auto world.

A Digital Twinn® shows customers more than they would see if they were standing right in front of the car
  • 90 percent of all used car purchases start with a search on the internet. Twinner generates a detailed dataset containing all the relevant figures, features, and defects of the car. In addition, the vehicle is photographed from 360° in optimal lighting conditions, then digitized and visualized.

  • Objectives

    With Twinner, we developed the application responsible for the groundbreaking idea of selling second hand vehicles with full data and 3D visuals, offering clients all the information they need to make a purchase decision online.

  • Our Solution

    To achieve this we turned to our passion for open source, using Apache Cordova, the mobile application development framework by Adobe Systems.

    Our focus was to achieve a full integration with the legacy website while providing a fast comfortable UI.

    Although the legacy website isn’t modern by any standards, the application has top of the line support and has placed Twinner as a top pre-owned car sales business in Germany according to niche publications.

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