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Aiding the fight against COVID-19 with data and statistics
  • One of the oldest, with a unique heritage that dates back to the 11th century. Today its reputation, like its longevity, reflects a deep and abiding commitment to excellence in every area of teaching and research. 

    As a result of that commitment, the University enriches international, national and regional communities in countless ways: through the fruits of its research and the skills of its alumni, through sharing academic and cultural resources, and by publishing outstanding materials in many formats for learning and study.

  • Our Solution

    With the help of NextJS, TypeScript, and React we created a flexible environment, with a user-friendly UI to facilitate quick report generation.

    We focused on creating a custom data field to give the presentation the coherency and overall shine it needs but in accordance with Oxford’s brand guidelines.

    This application will play a role in solving the coronavirus crisis and helping to normalize our world. These professionals, who use standard statistical processes to address issues of human health, have specialized skills that, in fact, will be essential in the coming months as we fight this pandemic on behalf of our shared humanity. 

    We @CultofCoders are glad we were able to help make this happen.

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