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Wijntransport 44 years of experience in wine.

A member of the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Traders
  • As a member of the Royal Association of Dutch Wine Traders, focused on a full eco-friendly approach and logistical excellence WijnTransport is a thriving business with a B2B focus and a top of the line fruit wine selection.

  • Objectives


    Our objectives were to redesign the existing website and make the customer experience one to remember, improve the UI, and add features that enhance accessibility.

  • Our Solution

    Using the versatility of Apollo, GraphQL and React, with the power of Microsoft’s TypeScript, we gave the business a modern spin focusing primarily on client experience. In this regard we added several new features such as an Integrated Search with Algolia, a Shop Experience with React and several WordPress plugins for the customer pages.

    When it comes to aesthetics we chose to focus on a premium look with a clean UI, focusing primarily on customer experience, partnerships and news about the business.

    On the products page we implemented an intuitive side menu with category selection.

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